Denev Engineering signed with Commercial Entertainment Center Gallery


"Denev Engineering Ltd signed a contract for the construction of a fire extinguishing system of commercial entertainment center Gallery. The building will be three underground and three floors with a total ground up area of 100 thousand sq.m.



Near the opening of the sports complex of the National Sports Basis Sportpalas - Varna, which will be attended by Minister of Bulgaria, Minister of Youth and Sports and other important personalities for the event.

It is the chatter of three sports halls with room service, covered swimming pool with room service, hotel, warm and open relationship games. "Denev Engineering Ltd meet all low system during repair.

New store with the trademark "Alati"


In Varna will be open soon a new store with the trademark "Alati". The new building will hypermarket oriented sale of household goods and construction. The shop has a large underground parking and freight elevators, which, in addition to the proposed in Alati services and competent service designed to make shopping quick, easy and convenient.

To prevent damage by fire to ensure "Denev Engineering Ltd., a build extremely effective fire extinguishing system in all commercial premises.

Integrated solutions for fire protection of commercial complex


Accumulated skills and experience we offered high quality integrated solutions for fire protection of commercial complex heating systems, tiling of fireplaces, solar installations and water pipelines. Thanks to the excellent work done by the team of "Denev Engineering Ltd - Otto Center is optimized with proper fire and fire extinguishing system, ensuring the protection of its products.